Angular style playground setting in natural green colours with tree landscape

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Backed by the wonderful design and product development team at Landscape Structures, our product base is constantly being expanded.  New Products are an important aspect to designing your play space, because who wants to visit the same equipment in every park!  

Check back here regularly to see What’s New and for some design inspiration.


We’re bringing play to a new dimension. Introducing Forma™, a sculptural take on traditional‌ playstructures. Clean, modern and unlike anything else, Forma uses asymmetrical shapes, unique‌ angles and a mix of materials to create play that looks and feels brand new. Clear sightlines make‌ it easy to see all the activity. Above, below, inside and out, there’s so much to explore with Forma!‌

Forma brings a contemporary vibe to any play environment. With its architectural influences and endless‌ color possibilities, create the perfect complement to your play setting, whether you’re looking for a‌ nature-inspired style or something more modern. Kids will love the dynamic, challenging, and inclusive play‌ opportunities provided by Forma’s clean, angular design and sensory-rich mix of materials. ‌

Quantis A.3

The Quantis® A.3 combines several types of activities in its compact design. A solid-rung climbing experience is found in one arch of the climber, while those that want more of a challenge can use the flexible cable and belt climber found in the other arch. Additionally, there is a cable and rung ladder, Swiggle Stix® Bridge, Oodle® seat and a comfortable transfer point on either end of the lower belt path ensuring that those who can leave their mobility devices have access to other play areas of the climber.

Smart Play Summit EN

Pack up your sense of adventure and get ready to scale the Smart Play® Summit™ EN! Kids aged 5 to 12 will find multiple ways to climb this faceted mountaintop while encountering plenty of wild surprises along the way. A gradation of cool colors matches the ascent, culminating in a peak of icy Pebble. Kids of all abilities can reach the top deck using the new Switchback Climber’s multilevel belting path. Then everyone can celebrate with a turn at the telescope. Alpinists are encouraged to search for hidden animal tracks and camping gear as they trek across variously angled slopes, like the laser-cut climbing decks and the three-dimensional nets of the Zenith® Climber.


The ReviWhirl Spinner is an adventure in physics offering spinning through perpetual motion or a push from the outside. We’ve designed this piece with inclusion in mind with space for one or many kids riding in various positions. ReviWhirl’s sculptural form adds an eye-catching flair to any play experience.

Fun for one or more kids.
Positioned at transfer height for universal access.
Slightly tilted to encourage perpetual motion.


Introducing the first in a series of netplay systems! The Quantis takes infinite and unprescribed play to the extreme with its endless circuit of cable fun. The Latin word Quanti means 'how many?'. So how many ways can you find to play on the Quantis. The Quantis delivers hours of challenging and exhilarating play experiences for kids ages 5 to 12. Along with the playground net climbers, there is a SwiggleKnots™ bridge, Cargo Net with Square Steppers and molecular-style belting. Plus, kids use the Oodle® Seats for a hangout space that's right in the center of the action. The playful color palette increases the wow factor of this innovative design that offers dynamic, flexible play for full body engagement.


The ReviWheel™ Spinner includes a grab wheel in the center so kids can spin themselves around and around. This piece was designed with inclusion in mind with space for one or many kids riding in various positions. ReviWheel’s sculptural form adds an eye-catching flair to any play experience.
The centre wheel allows kids to control the speed, it is large enough to hold several kids and is easy to transfer from mobility device.

Quantis A.2

Angular and sculptural, Quantis® A.2 beckons kids ages 5 to 12 with its open format playscape and intriguing challenges that defy expectations. Here you’ll find dynamic play packaged in a compact geometric design that’s perfect for pocket parks or any small footprint area. A strategic belt bridge creates universal access by connecting two access points, each one at a different height. Kids can head to the Oodle® seat at the structure’s core, navigate across the Swiggle Stix® Bridge or tackle the overhead netting and molecular-style belting that offers built-in hand- and foot-holds.


The ReviRock™ Bouncer provides bouncy, rocking fun to children of all abilities. There’s plenty of room for kids to lay down, sit, kneel, or stand as they experiment with the motion. ReviRock’s sculptural form adds an eye-catching flair to any play experience.

Multiple ways to sit or lay in bouncer.
Fun for one child or several at once.
Positioned at transfer height for universal access.
Smithfield NSW Australia