Hedra playground equipment with large tower structure and two smaller play areas

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Backed by the wonderful design and product development team at Landscape Structures, our product base is constantly being expanded.  New Products are an important aspect to designing your play space, because who wants to visit the same equipment in every park!  

Check back here regularly to see What’s New and for some design inspiration.


The unique geometric configuration and continuous circuits create a hive of evolving play that encourages exploration. Kids enjoy novel play experiences, time after time. This range includes the Hedra Scout for 2-5 year olds, Hedra for 5-12 year olds and the spectacular custom Hedra Towers. It features multiple entry points and interconnected experiences. Choice of bamboo, perforated aluminium and polycarbonate panels.

Tree Tops

This wondrously abstract playstructure gives kids the sense of playing in the treetops, exploring a forest canopy branch by branch. But beyond the normal ups and downs of traditional tree-climbing, here kids can also navigate their way across wiggly bridges, crawl through the O-Zone® 3-ring climber, roar down two different slides, plus so much more. Such a great range of interconnected activities at multiple levels will spark hours of imaginative and energetic play, all protected by plenty of built-in shade.

Super Netplex

We took the most popular Netplex components and added new opportunities for height that everyone can enjoy. The centre spiral belting with grippy texture provides an easy way for everyone to climb to the top for a whooshy ride down one or more slides. Everyone will enjoy the spectacular view from the towers, while those watching below have perfect sightlines to all the activity. The Super Netplex offers height, accessibility and visibility with lots of climbing, spinning, bouncy fun and plenty of places to hang out.


Kids will love creating seaworthy adventures as they sail across the Tidal Wave Climber, wind their way down curvy slides and hop-hop-hop over the Pod Climber®. A cool color palette accentuates this flowy design that honors the graceful motion of ocean waves. Young imaginations are encouraged to go with the watery flow as they surge forth to encounter marine life, discover buried treasure and explore the oceans of activity built into the BeachComber. Introduce this seaside attraction to any playground for hours of nautical fun—no sand required!

Crab Trap

Many climbing opportunities for many kids! The inviting Crab Trap® uses a variety of materials to add visual interest and create different climbing experiences, inside or out. It features limitless climbing routes, steel re-inforced cables which are durable and vandal resistant and is available in both a Proshield finish or HDG finish.
Smithfield NSW Australia