Water Treatment & Control Systems


Whether it is hitting a button, spinning a wheel or motion censored, Waterplay have plenty of creative ways to start the water flowing. An activator promotes an on-demand experience so that the system only runs when someone interacts with it.

Controller & Manifold

Through the use of a distribution manifold, you can control individual flows to water features as well as sequence them on and off when coupled with a controller and keep kids moving. A controller helps with settings for operating hours, run times and sequence. Controllers can be linked to the water treatment system as well, so that the feature pump is interrupted should water quality, flow and volume not be met.

Stormwater Diversion & Debris Control

Keeping debris out of the balance tank is a key component to a healthy water quality system. Drains equipped with stainless steel debris baskets provide an easily accessible point for maintenance staff at the source. A stormwater diverter system diverts rainwater entering the pad drains from the balance tank to stormwater following 30 minutes of inactivity on the aquatic play pad.

Water Treatment

Whatever the size of the aquatic play space, we can offer a water treatment solution to suit. We offer pre-plumbed and wired skid-mounted solutions of control & water treatment systems that reduce onsite construction times and assure quality. All-in-one skid mounted Plantrooms and control kiosks are also available.
Smithfield NSW Australia