Open Body Flumes

A popular slide complex, our open flumes can terminate into a pool or a splash runout with wave capture. The tongue and groove on the slide flanges allow for an easy install and ensure a smooth transition of riding surfaces between flume sections. Flumes are designed with higher outside shoulders on turns.

Enclosed Flumes

Translucent or opaque sections are available on these enclosed flumes. Natural Lighting effects are also available on this style of flume which allow for colourful features visible by the rider during their descent. The side can terminate into a pool or splash runout with wave capture and features the handy tongue and groove flange connection system.

Laminate Tower

Tired of a slide tower that resembles an industrial structure? A laminate tower is a safe, clean, and colourful means to access the top of a slide. Equipped with signage, grabrails, dispatch bars and windows, these sorts of towers are a must with any slide. Dispatch red/green lights are also available as an option.

Natural Lighting Effects

Want to promote the overall rider experience at a low cost? These lighting effects allow sunlight to display an image, wording, or symbol that riders can see during their descent. They are also a great way to promote your facility or light up the bends in a flume so that a rider can anticipate an upcoming turn.
Smithfield NSW Australia