Water Park Design

3D Plans

Offering outstanding perspectives, Waterplay’s 3D images are a great way to see how everything ties in. We also use our in-house 3D software to develop a quick concept in order to evolve the look to achieve a final render.


Waterplay has specifically developed features to promote teamwork and working towards a common goal. Cause and effect features such as the Boingo, Team Effect and Group Volcano are perfect examples.

Control Systems

Controllers are the brains behind the waterpark. These systems set the parameters that allow a splash pad to operate within set times, on demand and with clean water. We can sequence the sprays so that the pump draws less power to operate.


Aquatic play pads are for everyone. It is important to understand how people of different ages and abilities will access and interact with water features. What play value is accessible for everyone and what kind of learning and experiences are they taking away.
Smithfield NSW Australia