Pocket Parks

Small Council Parks or Pocket Parks need not miss out on the splashy fun!  Specialised features will transform your pocket park environment for the local community to enjoy.

Discovery Stream

Ensuring a clean surface, Waterplay’s Discovery Stream has been designed to eliminate nooks and crevices that allow mould and nasties to fester. Its modular shape makes installation simple and allows for modifications in the future. By setting the stream above grade, children can choose to interact with their arms without getting their clothes wet which is a plus for parents who forget to bring a change of clothes.

Mini Aquatic Play

Aquatic play pads come in all shapes and sizes. Smaller compact splash pads offer great play value and target specific ages. Water features such as Waterfalls are loaded with activity and cater to many in such a small space.

Pop It Ground Sprays

For ultra-low water use and a neat jumping effect, choose Waterplay’s Pop-it ground sprays. Using less than a cup full of water with each spurt, these features are a favourite with kids as they try to anticipate and catch each water stream.

Low Flow Ground Sprays

With strategic sequencing and low flow ground sprays, a simple and cost-effective aquatic play pad can be achieved. These attractions are a fantastic compliment to a child’s playground, adding another type of element that appeals to all children’s senses, that is inter-generational and invites people of all abilities.
Smithfield NSW Australia