Aquatic Play Pads

Ground Sprays

Never underestimate the play value a ground spray can provide. Most toddler’s first contact with a water feature is with a ground spray. Sprays come in all different forms and volumes and can be paired up plumbing wise, creating a great interactive effect.

Ground Sprays with Lights

Ground sprays with lighting effects are becoming more common. Lighting provides a tremendous visual effect that’s noticeable at dusk and many options are available for different set colours or to have colours changing through a sequence.

PlayPhase Systems

Featuring a detachable flange at ground level, the playPHASE base allows you to interchange, remove for maintenance or plan for future additions. All of this without an ugly boot cover! A simple ground spray cover can also be used on this feature at minimal cost.

Stainless Steel Features

Waterplay has grouped its water features into collections to promote common aesthetics and themes. With the primary material of water features being stainless steel, you will appreciate the quality and durability they offer over their life span.
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