Activity Towers

Indoor Towers

An indoor waterpark is a great ‘Guaranteed’ attraction. No matter what the weather is outside, a trip to an indoor aquatic centre with an indoor waterpark, is always a welcome adventure among families. Using durable materials and a modular footprint, our activity towers are sure to be a Drawcard!

Mini Towers

Miniature Activity Towers are fantastic for young age groups and help toddlers develop confidence and comfort with elevated aquatic play. These complexes are primarily only 600mm high and feature steps, platforms and slides targeted at that young age group.

Outdoor Towers

Designed to create a modular play experience unlike any other, Waterplay’s Activity Towers help define your footprint and customize your play space with activity pods, stairs and connections, flumes and play features to suit the unique needs of your next aquatic play project.

PlayConnect System

PlayCONNECT is a simple feature attachment system that simplifies the install process and allows swapping features on the towers. They’re a great way to freshen up the look of a facility in the future by adding a new feature or disconnecting and re-finishing the existing one off site.
Smithfield NSW Australia