Recently Completed School Projects

William Rose School
A tight little area required an out of the box design! This outdoor fitness area at William Rose School was a hot box and the equipment was not able to be used on days of extreme heat. But the tight space made a standard shade difficult. This Cantilever structure did the trick and with it's bright Emerald Green Shade cloth, the kids now have a cool place for their daily exercise. It also helped with the classroom temperature, protecting it from the harsh sun also.
Blacktown North Public School
The kids from Blacktown North Public School were all a-buzz when they returned from school holidays to their new bumble bee inspired playground!! The Playsense 301 was turned into a hive of black and yellow to keep their bee themed school linked to their new play area. Topped off with a beautiful hip roof shade, this will be a cool place to play! 🐝 🐝 🐝

Shelley Public School
Spring has sprung and Shelley Public School have added the brightness to match the weather! This beautiful Support Unit has a new Cozy Dome and Roller Table with EPDM purple and yellow rubber surfacing and bike track design to match their existing shade sail. With two new sensory garden beds, their new play space is sure to keep their kids engaged and busy!
Toongabbie Public School
How do you entertain a multitude of different children, with different likes, different abilities and different needs? A play area with lots of choice of activities from climbing to spinning to sensory to balance, it's all covered here at Toongabbie Public School. Featuring Vibra Chimes, Topsy Turny Spinner, Sensory Play Centre, Geoplex Climbing Wall, Wiggle Worm Tunnel, the new Revi Spinner and much more!
Granville Public School
Two parts were completed with this project. The first was replacing an old damaged Hip Roof Shade Structure over the school asphalt area with a brand new structure. The second was replacing an old sail on a hypar shade over their existing play equipment. Both shades look spectacular with the bright new colours!
Cambridge Park High School
This transformation of space had a huge impact for this school. A new Support Unit within the high school with a large unused outdoor area became a place for the kids to learn, play, hang out and engage with their peers. Using multi levels to create each space with its own individual ability to meet the needs of the children. An upper level spin and movement area with line marked hopscotch, a sensory level with music and waterplay, a lower level half basketball court & Fitness & Swing Space. All beautifully formed with sandstone blocks & CSBR Rubber.
Holroyd School
One of our most favourite projects to date. We had the pleasure of building this fantastic, accessible play area for Holroyd School that included a central wheelchair accessible play unit, ground level activities such as musical instruments, water pump/reservoir, spinners and more. Ensuring full accessability, EPDM rubber wetpour surfacing was used to complete the area. The smiles on the kids faces when the project was completed was the best reward and we absolutely loved delivering this project for the school and NSW Infrastructure.
Toongabbie Public School
Our Playsense Play Units are a great economical solution for schools. It's range of set designs, using a smaller flat bar aluminium post system incorporates all the great components we love from our huge selection of slides and climbers, these playgrounds will keep the kids of all ages entertained for years! Finished off with a natural timber edge and bark mulch, having a new play space doesn't have to break the bank.
Blakehurst Public School
One of our most robust systems - Playbooster - was used for Blakehurst Public School. Providing a multitude of climbing options, two fun slides and an overhead climber and finished off with CSBR Pre Colour Rubber Wetpour. We also completed a multipurpose sports court in CSBR Rubber Surfacing next to the new play area with modified basketball towers and line marking.
Greystanes Public School
Our Playsense Play Units are a great economical solution for schools. It's range of set designs, using a smaller flat bar aluminium post system incorporates all the great components we love from our huge selection of slides and climbers, these playgrounds will keep the kids of all ages entertained for years! Finished off with a natural timber edge and bark mulch, having a new play space doesn't have to break the bank.
Mt Riverview Public School
2022 is all about colour and with the introduction of a new colour range, this Mt Riverview Public School Playbooster System is a stunning example of how colours can create a vibrant and inviting play space for the children to enjoy. Coupled with some of our most popular free standing items, Mt Riverview now has a beautiful play area that will last them for the years ahead.
Barwon Valley School
Barwon Valley School located in Victoria required a playground design that suited their community with kids of all abilities. Children that needed wheelchair and mobility device access, but also children that required challenging climbers. This wonderful Playbooster design ticked off all those boxes with 2 fun slides and packed with wheelchair accessible sensory panels.
St Thomas More's PS
Located in the ACT, St Thomas More's had an old tired playground structure, but a beautiful space with huge potential. The old playground was removed and a new Playsense Play unit installed into the existing bark mulch area with existing shade. The bark was topped up and a whole new play space created for the children to enjoy.
Blaxland Public School
Set amongst the beautiful backdrop of the Blue Mountains, this Playbooster playground and it's gorgeous colour palette has made a huge impact to the play space of Blaxland Public School. With two slides to cater for children aged 5 through to 12, the design also has lots of challenging climbers to keep the kids busy in their play time. All set under a large hypar sail shade structure to keep them cool in the summer.
Charlton Christian College
Keeping the school community fit will be a fun experience with this Outdoor Fitness Area that incorporates our three fitness lines of Healthbeat, Fitcore Extreme and Playbooster Fitness. A combination of the various pieces allowed the school to choose the equipment that best suited their needs and budget. The area was completed with a bright blend of blue CSBR Pre Colour Rubber.
Jasper Road Public School
The special needs unit of this school needed a huge transformation to replace its outdated equipment. With the use of a bright EPDM surface, a bike track was created. This leads the children on a path of discovery to lots of inclusive and sensory based equipment.
Winston Hills Public School
Winston Hills Public School were looking to update a tired old area to a bright new play space for their Special Needs Unit. With the introduction of pieces specifically chosen for their high sensory advantages this area has been transformed into an inviting, fun and useful play space. The area was completed with a repaired retaining wall and TPV Rubber Surfacing.
Chester Hill Public School
With a beautiful big tree to work with, a sensory play area was created for the junior area of the school. This included outdoor musical instruments, talking tubes, drop shot tower, cozy dome and some GFRC natural balancing pieces. The school now has a great place that is shady, engaging and fun!
Tregear Public School
Two areas were covered at Tregear Public School. First was a fitness circuit consisting of their pick of the Fitcore Extreme range that suited their school. Along with a Hemisphere Climber and Drop Shot Towers. An additional area featured the Playsense 301. All were finished off with CSBR Pre Colour Rubber Surfacing.
Oxley Park Public School
This recently completed sports court was a huge project. Difficult site to access but the end result was worth it! This once boring asphalt area is now a bright multi purpose sports court with CSBR Pre Colour Rubber Wetpour, Line Marking, Concrete Edging and two reversible Basketball/Netball Towers. This court is going to be getting a lot of use!
Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College
An unused hill side was transformed into an outdoor fitness circuit using the Fitcore Extreme range. This was finished off with a plush 30mm thick Summer Prestige Synthetic Grass Surfacing. Installing along a concrete pathway added to the challenge of the circuit. Once complete, the kids then run back up the hill to start the circuit over again.
Yennora Public School
Two areas were worked on within Yennora Public School. The first area in their special needs unit required new equipment, rubber surfacing, sandpit and shade. The second area was their old asphalt basketball court that was transformed using CSBR Pre Colour Rubber Wetpour Surfacing creating a bright, fun and usable space for the children.
Northlakes High School
We worked with Northlakes High School to create a new seating area along their sports field. This included a large concrete slab, 4 sets of 3 Tiered Seat Modules with Skillion roof shelters over and finished off with some minor landscaping and turfing works.
Redhead Public School
An old dilapidated playground removed to make way for a Playsense 301 and Cozy Dome. The pre configured Playsense range was ideal for the school’s project. It fitted in the existing space they had and providing lots of climbers and sliding activities.
Spring Farm Public School
Spring Farm Public School consisted of 5 separate play areas. These covered a mini Fitcore Extreme circuit with CSBR Rubber Pads and an outdoor Rhapsody Music area with Synthetic Grass. A Sensory play Panel zone was also included, and then a general play area. This consisted of a Cozy Dome, Block Climber and Fly Wheel with CSBR Rubber.
Smithfield NSW Australia