Hypar Sail Shade Structure with Cream Fabric over Playground Area

Shade Structures

Shade Structures are less expensive than conventional roofing.  They allow the air to flow, creating a cool environment.  With the right selection of fabric, harmful UV rays can be reduced creating a safe and pleasant playing or recreational environment for your young children, staff or customers.  There are many different styles of Shade Structures available with Hip and Hypar Sails being our most popular.  Single Arm Umbrellas provide a shady area without the intrusion of too many posts and a Cantilever Structure can cover a larger area with posts being placed outside the main space.

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Key Benefits

Available in a large range of Designs and Fabrics.  “Let us brighten up and protect your area now”.

Round Roof shade structure over car park with cream vinyl canopy
Hypar Sail Shade with Blue Fabric over Playground Area
Hip Roof shade Structure over childs playground unit with cream coloured shade cloth
Smithfield NSW Australia