Bright coloured rubber wetpour surfacing under accessible playground

Safety Surfacing

Safety Surfacing is one of the most important finishing touches to your playground area.  We can provide many options for your surfacing needs including the numerous rubber wetpour products available, synthetic grass or bark mulch surfacing.

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CSBR Pre Colour Rubber
CSBR® (coloured styrene-butadiene rubber) is made of granulated tyre rubber coated with quality resins and pigments to achieve a thorough and even coloured coating.
TPV Rubber Wetpour​
Rosehill TPV® is the only one of its kind in rubber wetpour. Made from premium virgin polymers, combined with the highest UV stabilized pigments so as to retain its colour.
Synthetic Grass Surfacing
Synthetic Grass is an economical option of surfacing for your playground area. With options from a standard 19mm thick Landscape turf to the plush realistic 40mm thick grass.
OPAL EPDM Surfacing
Opal EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer) is a bright coloured synthetic rubber which is granulated for use in wet pour surfaces such as playgrounds.
Bark Mulch Surfacing
Bark Mulch is the most economical form of surfacing to use for your playground area. Approved playground mulch can be in the form of a smooth nugget or a fine soft mulch.
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