Balance Beam made out of rubber wetpour with end panels to step up to main log

Playform Animals

Promote themed play for children with Playform™ animals & shapes!  Our fantastic range of rubber moulded products can be used on their own to create fitness trails or incorporated into a play area to further develop a child’s imagination in theme play.

With a range of over 20 rubber animals and shapes to choose from, you will have no trouble creating an imagination filled play space.  All Playform™ items are available in our standard range of earthy colours: red, light green, dark green, blue and dark blue. Playform™ provides unparalleled playground safety, with low fall heights and great impact absorbing capability.

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Rubber frog statue in blue colour surrounded by leaves
Crocodile shaped statue made from rubber wetpour material in a mustard colour on top of children's rubber play area
Smithfield NSW Australia