Large multi ramp playground system leading up to multiple decks

Accessible & Inclusive Playground Equipment

When we talk about inclusive playground equipment, people often jump to the assumption that making a play space ‘accessible’ ticks off a box. That they have done their job in their planning. But are you excluding a child with a disability if that piece can only be accessed by them and no-one else at the same time? As a result, forcing them to play on their own? An inclusive play space should be inclusive of all children of all abilities. This teaches children to interact together through play and breaks down walls. It teaches understanding, equality and acceptance of one another.

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Inclusive Playground Design & Product Selections

We have a fantastic range of Inclusive Playground Equipment and can design a play space to meet everyone’s needs and abilities. Whether you are after a full play system with access ramps or wanting to add some unique pieces to your play space, our Parkequip consultants can help you find the best pieces to suit your project.

Check out some of the free standing Inclusive Play options we have below that will set your play area apart from the rest.

Boy who is disabled playing with inclusive play equipment in a playground.


Designed to be integrated into the playground setting, this swing lets kids of all abilities play together and experience the thrill of swinging. With no need to transfer, the We-Go-Swing® opens up a whole new world of playground fun. It does not need to be segregated from the play space, surrounded by a fence or locked when not in use. Handlebars assist with moving the swing and keeping users in place and rotate up for easy entrance and exit.


The We-saw™ has a unique design and gentle rocking motion that invites kids and families of all ages and abilities to participate in the fun. The We-saw is wheelchair accessible and provides opportunities for collaborative play.

Revi Range

One Shape, Three experiences! ReviRock™ Bouncer, ReviWheel™ Spinner and ReviWhirl™ Spinner—that are sure to deliver thrilling experiences while engaging kids' vestibular systems. Each of these Revi™ products, created using a single sculptural form, was designed at transfer height, offers multiple ways to hang on, and provides plenty of room for kids of all abilities to lay down, sit, kneel or stand as they experiment with the motion.

Chill Spinner

Take a fun spin on the Chill® Spinner or just relax in its comfortable seat. The spinning motion offers vestibular stimulation and helps kids understand centrifugal force and cause-and-effect. Textured rubber belting creates a comfortable and secure ride. The seat height allows for easy transfer from mobility device.

Sway Fun

The Sway Fun® Glider is the perfect choice for an inclusive playground. It's the first wheelchair-accessible glider that meets ALL safety standards! It has room for two wheelchairs, plus two large benches for other passengers.

Oodle Swing

The Oodle® Swing provides interactive fun for oodles of kids! It's the perfect accent for any new or existing playground - especially play spaces designed with the Evos® play system.

Roller Table

Not just fast and fun, the sensory play Roller Table™ provides kids much needed sensory stimulation, through the application of deep-muscle pressure from the Tendertuff Coated steel rollers. The curved overhead hand rails allow for varied arm lengths and abilities and features enclosed sealed bearings for pinch-free sliding.

Friendship Swing

This multi-user commercial playground swing is one size fits all, from two kids to a multigenerational family. The Friendship® Swing is a great way for siblings, parents and grandparents to enjoy time together. Even more, it’s easy to access for individuals of varying abilities. The Friendship Swing comes complete with its own swing frame or in an additional bay frame to add on to other swings. One Friendship Swing per bay. Multiple Swing Frame Shapes available.


The We-Go-Round® is fully wheelchair accessible and allows kids of all abilities to interact with the option to add benches. It can be turned from the inside or outside, allowing everyone to participate in the fun. The base is flush with surrounding surfacing for easy wheelchair roll-on and has an integrated speed control for fun, yet safe, rotation.


The high-backed OmniSpin® Spinner offers children of all abilities valuable vestibular sensory stimulation and encourages interactive play. Contains speed limiter for added safety, it is moulded from durable, colorfast polyethylene and has transfer points from wheelchair or walker.

Bucket Seat

With a number of design options available, the Molded Bucket Seat with Harness and Chains provides greater stability for kids with limited upper-body strength. The harness is specially designed for children to keep them secure while swinging. Two age options are available for 2-5 year olds or 5-12 year olds. Includes chain and fasteners.

Sensory Play Centre

The Sensory Play Center® is more than fun. By engaging the senses, it helps kids of all abilities further their development as they play together. Built-in tactile elements encourage kids to explore various rough and smooth textures and shapes. It can be configured to fit any size or budget.
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