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Are you ready to create a destination unlike any other?

A design that celebrates your community and leaves kids and parents  begging for more?

No one offers more design expertise or product options and guidance, to bring your unique project to life, than your team from Parkequip.

From our unparalleled  range of Play Equipment that includes traditional style systems, to the challenges of Net Climbers or Natural Themed Play Elements, or our  Inclusive  and Sensory Play”  systems that cater for children of all abilities to enjoy.

But the experience does not end there.  There is our range of “Waterplay”  Spray Pad Equipment that features Interactive Ground Sprays with Sound Systems,  Tipping Buckets , Water Cannons and the giant 200 litre  Mega Soaker Dumping Bucket.

For the young  and old  there’s our range of ”Health Beat” fitness  stations as well as exercise equipment for senior citizens.

To compliment and complete your destination park we have an extensive range of Street & Park Furniture, Picnic Shelters, Shade Structures, Bubblers and  Safety Surfacing Systems.

ParkEquip Team